Why Consider BEI

The art of etiquette and application of proper protocol has been lost yet are becoming more important than ever in today’s fast pace, high tech and global economy. Companies that require communication, negotiations and social skillfulness need etiquette and protocol intelligence. Companies and individuals must make this a priority if they want the competitive edge. It is the soft skills of etiquette & protocol intelligence that provides this business savvy that fills the need companies have for their employees to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Business Etiquette International can help you ease “the bumps” through strategic employee training or individual coaching. Business Etiquette International offers a Needs Assessment to determine what business issues exist in your company or employee’s performance.

Services offered range from simple dining etiquette classes to the coaching of proper protocol in the international arena for your target country.

Our seminars educate employees and help in the development of teamwork, leadership skills and working with others both domestically and internationally.

Certified and trained by the Protocol School of Washington®, the leading educator in the etiquette and protocol industry, our classes and content are proven methods that get results.