Business Etiquette Seminars and Courses for New Management Hires

Have you ever hired someone who looked great on paper, and who actually performed his or her duties well — even more than well — but his or her social/business graces left much to be desired?

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time for a little education in basic business etiquette. Business today — as well as our culture in general — is a lot more relaxed than it was even just 10 years ago and certainly much more so than in the decades before.

Yet if people — and, by extension, the companies they work for — are to be successful in commerce today, they’re going to need at least a modicum of the social graces. Yet many of us haven’t been schooled in the ins and outs of business etiquette. This is the reason why it is advised for a company to invest in some business etiquette courses for its new management hires.

Just some of the topics that may be covered in a business etiquette seminar:

The importance of punctuality. Being late — whether it’s to a meeting, an appointment, or even in the completion of a project — is a sign of disrespect. True, some delays can’t be avoided, but being habitually late shows that you that you don’t respect the time of others, that your needs, projects and time are vastly more important than anyone else’s. Our society too often touts being fashionably late to parties, etc. and many young management trainees may not realize how being late is looked upon in business. A business etiquette seminar can help open their eyes.

We really don’t want to hear all about your personal life. Society today is very open. Young people especially seem to have no personal boundaries when it comes to what they will post on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Had a fight with a loved one? The play-by-play is on Facebook. Hate your boss? They count the ways in an e-mail or text.

Yet discretion in business is critical. If someone feels his or her personal life is an open book, an individual easily may not see how a business’ internal matters could also be considered private. Company secrets. Personnel issues. Potential business deals — all could be fodder for a status update or text message to the wrong person…unless an individual has been schooled and trained that openness may be considered great among his or her peers, but not in the business world.

Sorry, but a nose ring really isn’t appropriate on a financial planning trainee. Many people truly just don’t know what type of clothing or accessories are appropriate — or highly inappropriate — for the workplace. Naturally, a graphic design company probably will have a more lax dress code than that of a bank, but too many young professionals today really do think that jeans and a t-shirt are acceptable attire for just about any situation. They didn’t learn it in school and no one’s taken the time to tell them. This may be the perfect opportunity for a little Business Wardrobe 101.

“Dude!” really isn’t the best way to address a customer. Customer service has declined in recent years, but we believe it’s partially because workers have never been schooled in the proper care and feeding of colleagues and customers. Most people, from our experience, want to provide good customer service — they just need to be told how.

If your new hires could use a little polishing before they start dealing with customers full time, sign them up for our Business Etiquette Bootcamp.