International Protocol



It’s no secret that competition in today’s international business arena has grown by leaps and bounds, making it imperative that the protocol skills required to compete effectively be developed and employed.

Protocol is no longer relegated to the international diplomatic community alone. Knowledge of business protocol is necessary for anyone engaged in global business and exchange. This includes private & corporate business, government agencies at all levels city, state and federal as well as institutions of higher learning that have graduates entering the market place.

The importance of understanding other cultures and customs when doing business in the global market is the focus of this session.

  • Designed as a one-day seminar (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Elements of the seminar include:

  • Three strategies to broaden global awareness – strategies to gain an international edge

STRATEGY I ~ Global Awareness
Research • Pre-meeting Strategies • Negotiating to Win • First Impressions are Lasting • Importance of Rank & Status • Women in International Business • Business Card Protocol • Business Customs & Terminology • Techno-Communication Etiquette
STRATEGY II~ Master the First Meeting
Business Introductions • Forms of Address • Eye Contact in U.S.A. and Other Countries • Interaction Intelligence • World Class Handshakes • Global Communication Styles • Global Conversation Skills • Make an Effective Entrance & Mingle • Remembering Names • Importance of Gestures • Global dinning skills
STRATEGY III ~ Project Culture Awareness
A Basic Guide to High-and-Low Context Communications & Cultures • Monochronic & Polychronic Cultures • Monochronic & Polychronic Time Gift Giving Protocol • Strategic Dos and Don’ts

  • Common questions and answers on international protocol
  • Signs seen around the world
  • Traveling Smart
  • Importance of flags
  • Case Study – Protocol and Cultural Briefing for the United Mexican States (Mexico)
    This is a country-specific briefing to an individual client or small group preparing to visit another country or host a foreign client.

Also available are custom designed seminars or briefings for a specific country’s protocol.

  • Seminars designed to meet the needs of the organization or employee. Custom seminar hours will vary from several hours to multiple days depending on the amount of material to be instructed.

All classes are planned to fit your organization’s calendar. They can be scheduled any day of the week with hours that fit your timetable, including evening sessions.

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