From Campus to Corporate

Soft Skills and Etiquette Tips to Transition with Confidence

People with soft skills succeed in the job market. Do you have them? More and more companies are rejecting the graduates with technical expertise in favor of those who have the soft skills necessary to build relationships/teams and generate business. Unfortunately, these are the same skills that most colleges and universities fail to teach, leaving millions of students totally unprepared to face the stiff competition for those prized positions and opportunities for advancement.

From Campus to Corporate fills that gap. Whether you’re a new graduate or an employee looking to move up, this book explains exactly what you need to know to become the collaborative, gracious, and poised team player that companies are looking for today.

Broken down into easy-to-implement business best practices, here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively use the 5 Cs of interpersonal skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Connection, Collaboration, and Creativity.
  • Why personal responsibility is essential to your success.
  • The etiquette skills that govern proper professional behavior and make you stand out as a “class act.”
  • The new art of dressing for success.

Marla Harr is the owner and chief consultant for Business Etiquette International, a company whose goal is to help others master the soft skills and techniques of business etiquette and protocol intelligence so they can achieve a competitive edge through the art of diplomacy. Certified and trained by the Protocol School of Washington and backed by more than three decades of corporate management and educational development experience, she brings to her work a mixture of both entrepreneurial spirit and corporate professionalism. Marla is an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University and California State University. To see how you or your company might benefit from Marla’s services, you may contact her at