Business Etiquette Bootcamp

Does Your Company Need Business Etiquette Boot Camp?

  1. Have you thought about what your corporate image is and how your employees reflect this image in carrying out their daily work?
  2. Are you confident that employees respect their colleagues, apply email etiquette, and properly direct issues to management?
  3. Do your employees communicate via phones / computers / face-to-face in away that extends your corporate image?

If you answered no or you’re not sure to any of the questions above, then Business Etiquette Boot Camp (BEBC) is made just for you!

The corporate world is changing rapidly. It’s diverse, representing many cultures, ages and value systems. Many basic business skills have been lost and need to be re-introduced into the work place. But how people learn is different now. How they are taught is evolving.

BEBC provides a personalized approach to corporate employee image development.  It allows you to customize the training for your organization as well as your staff. The two 90 minute sessions per employee include:

  • Session 1 Personal assessment and discussion of business basics. An in-depth discussion with the employee about their duties, where they feel they need help, where management thinks they need help and a basic etiquette evaluation of that employee. Discussion with the employee’s supervisor for management viewpoint is also completed before the emp loyee’s first session.
  • Session 2– A one-on-one customized program in a private setting for the employee to learn and practice in comfort. This session will teach the employee the skills he/she needs to know as well as the topics management feels are important.

BEBC sessions are scheduled to fit into the employee’s work schedule so that the supervisor and employee can feel good about it.

If management or the individual wants additional targeted consulting, sessions can be added. We can also design on-going weekly, semi-monthly or monthly sessions to meet personal business goals.

If you want your new employees to get this information right from the start, the basic BEBC learning modules can also be worked into your standard orientation programs.

To see the general list of skills that can be taught for each employee, click on the following seminar descriptions: Etiquette, Dining or Work Place Conduct

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