How To Really Use Your Business Card

 How you present and use your business card is an important part in building professional relationships. Your card represents you and is part of your company branding. It should be given to someone in such a way that it is remembered and kept instead of tossed as soon as you turn your back.

 Follow this business card etiquette and watch your business grow.

Do’s for Business Card Etiquette 

  • Present the card with the print facing the recipient so the recipient will not have to turn it around to read it 
  • When receiving a card, take the time to look at it because a card is representative of the person
  • Pay attention to the conversation and write pertinent notes on the card later 
  • Carry cards in a card case to keep them fresh and protected 
  • Before attending an event, always put a supply of cards in your suit pocket for easy access.  Keep them in the right pocket and place cards you receive in the left pocket 
  • Present your business card to the receptionist each time you visit a company.  It helps the receptionist announce you 

Don’ts for Business Card Etiquette 

  • Don’t give out a business card that is defective, out of date, or soiled 
  • Don’t pass out your cards like flyers.  You will appear pushy and unprofessional if you are handing your card out indiscriminately 
  • Don’t force your card on anyone  
  • Don’t offer your card early in a conversation. Wait to see if there is a good business connection first 
  • Junior executive don’t give or request cards from senior executives.  Allow the senior executive to request your card, and only then should you present it  
  • Don’t leave a person’s card on the table. Take the card with you and dispose of it at your home or office if you’re not interested 
  • Carry business cards at social events in case a good business contact presents itself.  However be discreet if cards are exchanged, especially in a private home 

Remember, when you act well you do well.

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